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Our Values

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Develop Clicks Focuses on Customer Behaviour and increase online sales by using behavioral psychology, persuasion, and neuromarketing.

We Implement Artificial Intelligence & Cutting Edge Technologies to ensure targeting the right customers, which saves businesses time, money, and most importantly faster results.

21 Years of Experience in field of business development, internet development and marketing services.

Result-oriented services, based on latest technologies and platforms

We have been trusted Globally by big companies since 1999

Develop Clicks

Digital Gurus at Work

The team at Develop Clicks is a group of individuals working hard to take digital marketing with a fresh approach. Our developers, designers, and digital marketing experts leave no stone unturned while devising your growth and success strategy.

Our Purpose

We are the developers, designers, marketers, and a group of passionate individuals working hard to explore the technological opportunities and bend it our way to pave your way to growth and progress!

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Develop Clicks

Up for Technological Transformation?

We transform the business strategy in light of the recent technological advancements to proactively prepare businesses for the upcoming disruptions.

We Serve All Businesses, but are more specialized in serving:

We help everyone struggling to cope up with the current economic situation.

Startups & Local Businesses

Ecommerce Business

Attorneys & law Firms

Auto & Car Dealers

Real Estate agents & realtors

Medical Institutes, Doctors, Dentists, and Physicians

Small to medium enterprises

Established businesses stuck on their growth path

Why Choose Us?


Research-Backed Analysis & Strategy

We back our strategy and audit with market research, analysis, and future possibilities.


Innovative Designs and Websites

We develop attractive designs with an edge of creativity. Our designs are innovative and aligned with your brand’s philosophy.


Advanced Technological Expertise

Our developers and designers are well-versed with the advanced tools used for developing responsive designs and attractive UI. They are also skilled in employing recent marketing automation tools and digital marketing technologies for the best results.


Target Business Goals

We target your goals and hence devise a strategy for digital marketing, and suffice your development needs that prove fruitful in achieving what you work hard for.

About Our CEO

Nahla Hassan a veteran digital marketer and web developer, software engineer, an expert in using Artificial Intelligence, Data & Advanced Marketing Technologies, and the founder of Develop Clicks, one of the most prominent business consulting services in Michigan.

She has over 20 years of experience practicing as a software engineer dating back to year 2000, the time she graduated from Cairo University, Egypt

Nahla confidently delved into the digital marketing and web developing spaces, working with big multinational and reputable brands all over the world. She has successfully connected some of these brands to their targeted clients/customers, developed world-class websites for some, and served as a reliable business consultant to others, ultimately improving each company’s general performance.

She knows no limit when it comes to completing a project and would stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She nurtures people’s businesses as a good doctor would a patient, and this reflects on the number of happy clients she has accumulated over the years. Given that she is also a go-getter, she went on to establish the Develop Clicks platform in furtherance of her dreams of building and helping other entrepreneurs build brands that truly represent the demands of the clients/customers.

She understands the importance of good time management, commitment, coordination, and determination in successfully carrying out her day-to-day activities; therefore, she strives hard to improve on those three core areas by embarking on relevant training, reading books, and keeping up to date with the latest trends. Nahla believes that running a successful business in this current world majorly depends on how equipped you are in terms of information, and how well you use the information.

Even though she is a workaholic, Nahla relaxes by doing one of her favorite hobbies which include writing codes, planning the development of an application, or sketching a business plan.

If you’re interested in speaking with Nahla about your business, please feel free to send your message.

We Strive to Provide High Quality Services in Budget

If you have a campaign to run or challenge to solve, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch through email, or call us direct.