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Daralhuda MI

Project Details

Dar Al Huda is one of the best Islamic and Arabic teaching weekend schools in Michigan, USA. Dar Al Huda is much more than a school that gives you the proper meaning of learning Islam and its practices. Dar Al Huda is a place that provides high-quality and all-inclusive education of Islamic culture and its practices on weekends. 

The objective of the designing Daralhuda was to create a website that accurately reflects their capabilities and experience. They had a vision and just needed help to execute them.

Key Features

A mobile responsive design and a customized WordPress website have been designed as key features. Our team completely designed the Daralhuda website, including custom design icons and visuals.

We are managing their website with vocational updates and maintenance.

Islamic Cultural Association of Michigan

Project Details

Islamic Cultural Association is an Islamic organization that helps the community in the guidance of Islam. Their website includes Full Donation System, Various Events, Quran Teaching, Friday Khutbah, and Youth Community Events. People register for an event from the website.

The goal of the site redesign was to develop a solid robust platform that would allow ICA  to emphasize its events, donations, Quran teachings, Friday Khutbah and engage with its target audience more effectively. To maintain a consistent online presence, the new website should be on-brand.

Key Features

A mobile responsive design and a customized WordPress website have been designed as key features. Our team completely redesigned the ICA website, including custom design icons and visuals.

EquallyAble Transforming Lives

Project Details

EqullayAble is a charitable foundation dedicated to creating an inclusive society for individuals with disabilities. Their website,, showcases their mission of promoting equality, empowerment, and accessibility for people with disabilities. EqullayAble offers a wide range of programs and services aimed at improving the lives of those with disabilities and advocating for their rights.

The foundation is committed to providing support and resources to enhance the overall well-being of individuals with disabilities. From educational initiatives and vocational training to healthcare services and community engagement, EqullayAble strives to foster inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

Key Features

Visitors to the EqullayAble website can explore the various programs and initiatives, learn about success stories, and contribute to the foundation’s cause through donations or volunteering. The website is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can navigate and access the information easily.

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