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Growth-Driven Design | A More Effective Website Redesign Process.


Your website isn’t operating to the level you’d want. You’re bewildered by the scenario, and you’ve tried numerous’ solutions’ to fix it with no result. You’ve decided that your website has to be revamped and redesigned in the end. This time, though, you want to have a website that:

  • Is secure
  • Has significant influence
  • Is appealing
  • Is mobile-friendly
  • Is focused on your desired prospects
  • Generates high-quality leads consistently

You need it right now but, you don’t want to wait ten months for it to be developed, nor do you want to break the bank for it. So, the question begging for an answer is what exactly do you need?

You Simply Need a Growth-Driven Design

Building websites has always been a tedious and time-consuming process with the traditional website redesign. It may take anything from five months to a year or two, and during that time, your present, undesirable website remains, sending out incorrect messages and not assisting in generating leads for the firm. Even when the replacement website is later launched, it is usually left ignored. It receives no substantial upgrades to its layout, content, usability, or navigation because the company has moved on to ‘other things’ after resolving the ‘website problem.’

So, What Should I Do?

Marketers now have more authority than ever to make educated decisions about their website, owing to the easy access to analytics, marketing tools, and data. With a solid understanding of web analytics as well as marketing automation, your company will be able to create an ever-improving website that gathers prospect information and sends inquiries to your sales representatives. A website that evolves together with your company, transforming and expanding as it expands. This is the concept underlying Growth-Driven Design, which makes use of data gathered about your website visitors’ behavior, including the pages they prefer, page performance, what material they engage with when on your website, and what they click less often. It helps you to build a simplified, prospect-focused website that expands over time and gives up-to-date, relevant, high-quality content.

What is the process of Growth-Driven Design?

Instead of rebuilding the major parts of your substandard website and investing a considerable amount of your cash over a lengthy period of time, a Growth-Driven Design strategy allows you to establish your website from the point of MVP (Minimum Viable Product.)  This simply is the most practical and efficient website for your company to launch in the smallest amount of time. The MVP website will then serve as the foundation for your new website concept. This MVP website is made up of your most valuable pages, i.e., the ones that have driven, and will continue to drive the bulk of your traffic and total lead generating activity. Then, you agree with your website team, subject matter experts, and even the management department detailing possible additions of high-quality new pages as time goes on, or as the need arises.

Step One: Goals

First and foremost, what are your company’s objectives? What do you want to accomplish by revamping your website? As with any marketing or sales activity, it must be anchored in context. This is why you need a SMART objective (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely). It will assist you in understanding what you genuinely need to achieve, as well as measuring your success in the future.

Step Two: Create Buyer Personas Based on Current User Research.

This step is critical since your buyer personas will permeate all of your company’s marketing actions. Consider the problem your company is attempting to solve, as well as the pain points that your buyer personas may have, as well as their occupation, job title, industry, and demographic; all these variables will help you to build a much more detailed and accurate buyer persona.

Step Three: Examine Your Current Website and Identify the Most Valuable Pages.

You’ve most certainly gathered some information about your company’s website. This data will offer a foundation for future development and serve as a standard for future activity, allowing you to compare your present website to the new growth-driven website.

Step Four: Determine the Purpose of Your Most Valuable Pages

The sites you’ve picked, your highest-value pages, all require something like a call-to-action button that pushes visitors to convert, download material, or contact your company. At this stage, you and your team must agree on the functionality of each of these pages—what will they concentrate on?  Once you’ve determined the main features of your most valuable pages, you can figure out how your company can effectively interact with its target audience and impact their decision-making process.

Step Five: Create Your MVP Website

Your website is never fully finished; it is a component of your business that you constantly develop and expand. However, at this stage, you want to establish the most practicable and effective website possible in the shortest amount of time so that your company has an active online presence. This is your minimal viable product (MVP). You must understand that your website will most likely start with just about 20% of its total pages. The notion is that the pages you previously defined as your highest-value pages (HVP) are the pages you begin with, your core services and the pages that bring and convert visitors. These pages also can assist you in knowing your audience, their website behaviors, what material works, and what design and layouts are appealing. In terms of the pages you haven’t released yet, consider whether they are absolutely necessary or whether they will have any effect on your website’s traffic, conversion activity, lead generation, and other components. If not, then you should delete them, replacing them with more important pages.

Step Six: Data Gathering

A data collecting tool, such as Google Analytics, will be required to assess the project’s progress. The data you collect should be consistent with your original “SMART” goals.

Step Seven: Remaining Pages and Incremental Growth

As previously said, your website will never be flawless, and you should use the data gathered from your MVP website to fix the remainder of your website’s flaws. The remaining pages should be revised and updated based on the data you’ve gathered. Your marketing and sales teams should meet on a regular basis to evaluate the effectiveness of their growth-driven website. Once they’ve done that, make sure they agree on what pages should be added next, as well as their purpose and function. Even when you leave the MVP phase and start building your entire website, you should simplify the process and develop it in small steps.

Step Eight: What You Must Do

  • Share what you’ve learned and found from your MVP website on a regular basis with your marketing and sales teams.
  • Examine your performance in relation to your initial objectives.
  • Continuously improve the website depending on customer feedback.
  • On a regular basis, add new, high-quality content and assets.
  • Use the information you’ve gathered to help you grow and understand what you could do better.

This six-point cycle should be repeated as many times as necessary.

Spreading the Cost

One of the side benefits of this technique is that the expense of your redesign can be stretched out over a longer length of time. Our clients profit from the fact that they do not have to pay a one-time large sum for the building of their website, but rather a monthly price, usually distributed over a 12-month period.

What Our Customers Say

Islam Dakrouri
Islam Dakrouri
We have been very happy with our new website! It looks professional and very easy to navigate. Our experience with Develop Clicks has been great. They handle things very efficiently and are available for any questions. I would recommend Develop Clicks to anyone looking for website design
Jeanine Adams
Jeanine Adams
Nahla, Develop Cliks CEO, is an amazing, efficient, multitasking, creative, and Hands on administrator. It was a pleasure collaborating with her.
Mohamed Abdelmaksoud
Mohamed Abdelmaksoud
Very professional and helpful. Drove up our sales in very short time.
This is the best company out there. They did a huge project for my four companies
Farhan Najar
Farhan Najar
Highly recommended for professional companies and individuals. Not recommended for poor communicators.
Naveed Ahmad
Naveed Ahmad
Develop Clicks was amazing to work with. She was incredibly professional, and gave great expectations from the beginning. She gave a detailed timeline when we started, and delivered on everything that was promised. The design of the site is world class!
Amro Sharafeldin
Amro Sharafeldin
she is the best web designer I have been worked with.
Mo Ka
Mo Ka
Very professional and knowledgeable in the field, made a big difference in my business.
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