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How to Use Generative AI in Content Creation

How to Use Generative AI in Content Creation

An increasing number of companies require content creation and invest more resources into its production. Marketers are intending to generate a greater volume of content in 2023 compared to the previous year. Although the need for content has been on the rise for the last ten years, the methods for its development have remained fairly constant.

Regardless of the changes in marketing trends, content creators never stop adapting and building quality content—and swiftly so. You can talk about short clips for TikTok, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or podcasts for Twitter and Clubhouse spaces. While doing all these, it is undeniable that these content creators are stressing and straining themselves a lot.

While most companies are quick to change their style and requirements for their next content based on the current trend, not much has been done to effect innovative ways to come up with the results. Not even more time is given to content creators to create quality content, and not much care is given to their mental health.

One major area content creators could use some help is solving the puzzle of the best content to work with at the point of doing their jobs. Thanks to AI technology, the process has become simplified and takes lesser effort to achieve more results. This technological advancement has revolutionized the marketing industry, benefiting various professionals, including social media managers, copywriters, and even video content makers.

Given the groundbreaking penetration the generative AI technology exhibited 2 years ago, it wouldn’t be surprising that you must have heard a lot about it, and how it can help content creators create more content with less time. Yea, that’s true.

Let’s dive into what generative language processing models are and see how they are helping and changing the narratives, helping content creators to achieve more with less. For the purpose of this post, the focus will be on ChatGPT to maintain orderliness.

Hey, ChatGPT, help me write a script for a video promotion to be posted on YouTube tomorrow.” No, that’s not how easy and straightforward it is. ChatGPT is not that advanced to the point of doing the most with the least command. No, it is not replacing your marketing team members just yet, unless you prefer to settle for just whatever ChatGPT generates for you. It can supercharge you and your team but not replace any of you.

Using Generative AI in Content Marketing

If you know your way around ChatGPT and how to command it to do things, then count yourself extremely lucky. There are 1001 ways that you can use ChatGPT to relieve you of some tasks. You can use ChatGPT for long-form content summaries, product descriptions, script writing, generating content for social media, brainstorming, product reviews, and even sales copies and other forms of creative writing. ChatGPT can also be integrated into your website or app to serve as a customer representative via chatbots.

Ways you Can Use Generative AI in Content Marketing

SEO Strategy

Keyword research is one area generative AI, like ChatGPT, excels and flourishes. Even though you won’t find the most up-to-date information and data, such as monthly search volume, it is still an excellent way to come up with content ideas for your next blog posts without excessively racking your brain. In other words, if you care about SEO and how much organic traffic your website gets, you can utilize ChatGPT in keyword research.

Reply to Customer’s Queries

ChatGPT can be your part-time customer rep, especially when you are too busy to type a lengthy reply to a customer’s query. If you train the AI enough, it will know your business in toto and be able to generate accurate responses that your customers will find helpful and useful.

Supplement Proofreading

If you have your content written in English Language, ChatGPT can help you proofread it. Apart from helping you proofread content in the English Language, you may not have to worry too much about proofreading content generated by it. ChatGPT is quite good, accurate, and trustworthy in terms of vocabulary.


ChatGPT can make up for a brainstorming partner at no additional cost. You can open ChatGPT and simply ask it to suggest topics for your blogs, titles for your videos, cards, and names for your products. If you are experiencing writer’s block in the process of writing your video script or sales copy, you can turn to ChatGPT to lend you a helping hand.

Digesting Content for Further Uses

This is simply feeding ChatGPT a bigger text for it to summarize and use for a smaller article. For example, you can feed ChatGPT a comprehensive market research article and ask it to write a blog post from it.

Supercharge Your Marketing Team

Boosting your content strategy is the ideal usage of ChatGPT. Even though the AI can create quality material, it often needs training data to be optimized and polished. Sometimes, the text requires more of a human touch before publication; other times, the structure is off, there are factual inaccuracies frequently, or both. These are some of the things that an AI cannot escape. Maybe in the coming years, we will see better results.

ChatGPT is the best team-supporting tool available. This AI is a fantastic tool to use for swiftly conducting online research on a subject or producing quality articles quickly. In short, this technique is excellent for fostering innovative thinking. For instance, while developing social media content, you may use it to produce relevant hashtags on social media networks like Twitter.

Be Careful with ChatGPT-Generated Text

Generally speaking, search engines do not easily approve AI-generated content, whether from ChatGPT or any other generative AI platform. So, if you do not want your website to take the hit, you’d better use ChatGPT sparingly. Sure, Google won’t penalize you for writing a blog post on a topic suggested by ChatGPT, but it may penalize you if you use ChatGPT to write a blog post or an essay on a topic you feed it.

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