ICA Iqra Library

Project Details

ICA Iqra Library, situated in Michigan and under the management of MCM MI Organization, serves as a lending library for students. It specializes in providing hardcopy books, predominantly focused on Islamic and Arabic literature. Students can borrow these materials for a specified duration and return them once they have completed their study or reading. This lending system encourages the circulation of valuable educational resources while promoting responsible borrowing and returning practices. ICA Iqra Library plays a pivotal role in making these important texts accessible to the community, fostering a culture of reading and learning, particularly in the Islamic and Arabic literary domains, and contributing to the intellectual growth of its patrons.


Key Features

ICA Iqra Library’s website is a modern, accessible, and user-centric platform that enhances the library’s mission of promoting literacy and education within the community. It offers a seamless online experience for both patrons and library administrators. 

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